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Fusion is building a global Specialist Insurance MGA Platform, enabled by Data + Technology.

Paper + Capacity

Are you a Re/insurer seeking to deploy paper & capacity for a differentiated MGA platform?

Fusion offers the following benefits to you:


Are you a insurance Entrepreneur looking to join or merge with a unique specialist MGA Platform, enabled by data & technology?


Are you a distributor of niche, specialty or specialist insurance products? 


Are you a legal, risk or investment Advisor, dedicated to enhancing the insurance experience of your M&A Vertical customers?

Data + Technology For Human Decisions

Are you a Data + Technology or a Services provider with a niche angle to enhance specialist insurance?

Integrated Technology Platform

Are you a Re/insurer, a broker / intermediary / distributor, or an Advisor seeking to white-label a unique, integrated and full stack insurance and data intelligence platform?

If you believe…

that Customers deserve a better insurance experience…

If you see the importance of pioneering ideas, applied creativity and disciplined execution…

If you believe in working hard and smart and having some fun along the way…

If you believe in the importance of entrepreneurship, real expertise, niche market positioning, unique distribution and data analytics & technology enablement in insurance…

If you are committed to building a better, more valuable, profitable, disciplined and sustainable specialist insurance ecosystem…

That contributes to and participates in an enhanced insurance value chain.

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