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Introducing the concept of MGA 2.0, we’re an MGA with InsurTech, LegalTech and M&ATech at our core, enabling expert underwriting and partnership distribution..

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Warranty & Indemnity (W&I) or Representations & Warranties (R&W) Insurance

W&I/R&W Insurance provides the policyholder with financial protection against a breach of warranty or a claim under a tax indemnity in relation to a transaction.
Protection Features
Losses resulting from a breach of a seller’s warranty or obligations in a tax deed of covenant.
Costs associated with defending claims.
Extended duration of cover compared to the survival period in the Sale Agreement.
Flexibility with de minimis and thresholds compared to the Sale Agreement.
Fraud on the part of the seller (buyer-side policy only).

MioMergers and acquisitions insurance online

The Mio™ policy protects the capital of the SME Buyer and Seller, reduces uncertainty, and enables them both to focus on getting their deal done.
Protection Features
The digital experience seamlessly delivers a suite of “Covered Risks”
“Covered Risks” offer protection to a Buyer or a Seller for all the key categories of risks arising from the sale or acquisition.
Mio™ Policy’s “Covered Risks” do not require a set of representations or warranty statements in the Sale Agreement to effect a transfer of risk
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Tax Liability Insurance

Tax Liability Insurance is an effective solution to protect against the tax risk associated with corporate structures, specific transactional issues and other areas of tax related uncertainty.
Protection Features
Mitigating risks arising from tax uncertainty in corporate and fund structures
Removing the need for an indemnity/ escrow/ price adjustment in M&A transactions
Wrap around the specific parameters of the liability
Insure a wide range of jurisdictions and taxes.
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Contingent Risks

Provides financial protection to the insured in the event that an identified risk materialises. The policy protects you against losses resulting from the identified risk.
Protection Features
Transfers an uncertain liability from the insured to the insurer
Facilitating a transaction
Cash release
Greater balance sheet certainty
Enables business opportunities that have ben blocked by claims or disputes
Caps future financial risk
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Management Liability Insurance

A package policy where you can choose any combination of Directors & Officers Liability, Employment Practices Liability, and Tax Audit.
Protection Features
Statutory fines and penalties
Costs associated with investigations by regulators
Damages and awards against you, together with legal defense costs
Liability for claims by employees for wrongful dismissal, bullying or harassment
Accountants’ fees for tax audits
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Professional Liability Insurance

Protects the company and employees for liability arising out of the performance of professional services
Protection Features
Negligent advice, breaches of professional duties or other kinds of malpractice by you
Misselling of financial products
An employed financial planner who gives negligent advice to a customer, resulting in the customer suffering a loss on their investment
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Investment Managers Insurance

IMI insurance is a package policy that covers three major areas of exposure: professional liability, directors and officers’ liability and crime.
Protection Features
Professional liability covers the entity and its employees for liability arising from the performance of their duties as investment managers.
Directors and officers’ liability covers the managers of the entity for liability incurred in that capacity.
Crime covers the entity for direct loss caused by fraud committed by staff or external parties.
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